Friday, February 20, 2009

Dirtside II armies

For Christmas my wife gave me a portable photo booth, and I finally got around to setting it up. It folds up in to a portfolio bag, and seems like it will be really useful. She also gave me two 250 watt halogen lights to blast the miniatures with photons. Unfortunately, they have 6" cords, so I was only able to use one this time. I will have to get a short extension cord to use both.

Set up pictured here:

Using this set up, I was able to take some new pictures of two Dirtside II forces. The first is the "Asiatic Combine" army, a high tech force using mostly grav tanks and with stealth upgrades.
Pictured are an artillery battery, battalion command platoon, two tank platoons, and a company of mobile infantry. Well, their AFVs anyway, the infantry are still not painted. The miniatures are various Brigade Miniatures, which I really like... after cleaning them up a bit.

I also took pictures of my Germanic force, which features more primitive vehicles, this time from CnC and GHQ. Pictured are an assault gun platoon, a tank platoon, and a command platoon.

The camo here is an assault camo from WWII, which I think ties these tanks in with the dunklegelb of the other units. I still have another platoon of tanks to paint, and a platoon of heavy tanks as well.

Next to paint are my Americana forces, which are air cushion tanks. I think those are going to wait until after the move though, as I am currently trying to finish off the Neo-Soviets and spearman regiment cluttering up my desk before packing everything up.

So it will be a while, but more DSII in the future!


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Those are some sweet photos. I've not had much luck with light boxes, but maybe 250 watt lamps are the secret to success.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks CTF. I have struggled for some time with photography, and I think that with this lighting array, I am on the right path. I expect that there will be more pictures in the near future.

fracas said...

is the game any good though?

Lasgunpacker said...

Not sure how the game plays! Have not gotten that far yet. It is supposed to be very good, although some dislike the chit pulling, and some dislike the frequency of "boom" chits.

inrepose said...

Great to see the mix of modern and older armor mixed in for DSII. Very nice work.