Monday, August 15, 2022

D7 Command Cruiser conversion

Here is a bit of a teaser post, a hasty conversion of a standard D7 (MicroMachines version) to a D7 Command cruiser.  The command cruiser is a cruiser squadron leader, with an extra command deck, better phasers, and a couple more of them. 

I sculpted the extra neck detailing, and the little bit on top of the hanger, but otherwise just dashed this out.  A bit of repainting later, and it was done. 


Here is what my digitally sculpted version looks like.  Much sharper! 

Comparison to a regular D7.

Next time, will these ships survive a battlefield newly painted?


Stew said...

I know it looks cool bc I’ve seen it in person. 😀
How did you convert it anyway? Sculpt it and have it printed?

FourEyedMonster said...

Nice little conversion ... looks really cool, more jagged edges to it like a real Klingon cruiser.

Lasgunpacker said...

@Stew, no no, the usual way with putty. If I printed it, the lines would have been sharper and straight!

@FourEyedMonster, Yes! That was part of the idea, to start moving from TOS to TNG ships.

Lasgunpacker said...

And it is going to really bother me now that I have noticed that the extra command deck is "backwards".

Stew said...

Lol. I hadn’t noticed till now. It makes it distinct. 😀

Dai said...

So cool! Backwards or not, it looks like it’ll stand out nicely amongst the fleet