Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 Lots of excuses as to why I have not posted lately, nor even touched any miniatures at all in the last couple months. (Taxes, Birthdays, selling on Ebay, weather etc.)

Here is a more substantial one: Vision. 

For the last six months or so, I have had difficulty focusing on objects within arms reach... which is to say painting and modeling range.  To manage it I would have to take off my glasses, and without them on bring said object closer and squint at it with one eye.  Naturally this is a fairly limiting practice! 

A couple of weeks ago I got new glasses with progressive lenses, which I have had some difficulties adjusting to.  I think that I am ranged in enough now that I can paint miniatures, although I have been working up to it with some terrain work. 

I do however have a number of projects at the stage where they are nearly ready to post about, so I only need to get my rear in to gear and... do it.   Hopefully before we get into the busy part of the early Summer. 


Stew said...

I feel your pain. I need to wear an optivisor with magnification in order to paint anything these days. Getting older is lame.
Good luck with continuing to adjust to the new glasses. I have no idea what progressive lenses are but it sounds fancy. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Bifocals that got melted together ;)

FourEyedMonster said...

Welcome to my world :(
On the plus side, once you take off your glasses you are able to get the minis up close to your eyes and get a good look at the details. Don't do that too long though or you will get headaches as your reward. Another solution is to get multifocal lenses or reading glasses. I have both but sometimes still prefer to just take off my glasses and bring it up close to my eyes. Apart from the headaches if you do this too long is that you can't do it if you are airbrushing :)

SITZKRIEG! said...

Same here. The joys of middle age and up. I just wear cheap dollar store magnification glasses while sitting at the hobby table so I don't have to worry if they get scuffed up. I can't walk around with them though as everything beyond arms reach is blurry!

tim said...

Yeah. I feel your pain.

I've always had good vision, so a few years ago when I started not being able to pull focus and see things up close, I also just stopped painting miniatures. Eventually I went int and saw and optometrist and, at that time, she suggested some +1.0 reading glasses and those did the trick for a while. The next time I saw her two years later it was time for prescription reading glasses!? because my right eye REALLY doesn't like focusing on up close stuff. They were awsome... until I broke them... BOTH PAIRS!? (one went through the wash, the other just got sat upon...) Now I'm just making due with some from Costco... Since I haven't been painting as much, it's been okay.

I should probably get an appointment with the optometrist and get some new ones, though...

Getting old is bull shit.

Lasgunpacker said...

It certainly beats the alternative Tim!