Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Update

Yes, I am still alive.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday last week, and a bout of sickness at our house, I have not been online much.  While I did not get as much done hobbywise this weekend as I planned, I did manage to prime all of the D&D figures (with the help of my wife), and started to paint some yesterday.

Now I just need to paint three figures a day for the next month... so we will see how that goes.

As you are probably aware, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we enter into the Holiday Sales season, which would be more tempting if I had not just spend so much on figures.  Nothing that should prevent YOU from buying more figures or rules though Dear Reader, so get to it.

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Lum said...

Sorry for posting this here, but it seems I've accidentally erased your email. I've started an old school D&D game.

Details if your interested:

Where: Big Brother Comics 1722 J Street Sacramento CA
When: Saturday December 3rd, hopefully more regular games following Holidays
What: Original Dungeons and Dragons style Drop-in game. We'll likely be using a version of the Swords and Wizardry Rules in an open-ended sandbox style format.
Who: DM will be Talysman of the 9 and 30 Kingdoms blog. Players may be experienced or completely new to gaming. Since this is a drop in game, no commitment to playing a full campaign is required.
Why: For fun!