Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Painting at work

I have a new job (same company), and with that came an office.  Consequently, I have been thinking about painting on my lunch break, now that my geekery would not be on such public display.  Looking through my "in progress" figures (1000s), I have plenty to work on.

Any thoughts on this?  White collar job, so paint spills would be bad.

In other news, I finished Knight and Knave of Swordsby Leiber, which was frankly rather poor.  The amount of on camera sex, and "edgy" sex, was astounding, particularly in comparison to the other books.  The last "adventure" is basically a series of voyeuristic vignettes, in which our heroes are completely passive. Certainly not recommended. Pretend that Faf and the Mouser just rode off into the sunset or something.

I am now reading the first book of the Elric collection (Elric the Stealer of Souls), so we will see how that goes.


ZeroTwentythree said...

I think Moorcock is a mixed bag. He has written some of my favorite fantasy novels, but also some of the worst. I haven't read the original Elric books (first 6) in about 25 years, as a teen, so I'm probably not a good judge. At the time I liked them, though.

I recommend the second Corum series, which is heavily "inspired" by Irish myth. I also enjoyed some of the Von Bek books, notably War Hound and the World's Pain & City in the Autumn Twilight, both of which drift off a bit into religious & philosophical side-roads, within a semi-historical fantasy setting.

I bought The Swords of Lanhkmar, but haven't got to it yet. Is it good? I mainly bought it because of my fondness for GW's Skaven.

Lasgunpacker said...

I have read the Nomad of Time books (in a single volume), and one of the Hawkwood books thus far. Hawkwood was poor, and the Nomad of Time seemed good the couple of times I read it. That was many years ago though. So we will see. 100 or so pages in to Elric now, and it is not that gripping.

Swords of Lanhkmar was pretty good, and has some interesting rat/human interactions.