Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tomb Kings

One Warhammer army that I have always wanted to collect "when I am done with the others" [cue for laughter], is the Tomb Kings army.  It has the benefits of being an undead army, and in previous editions anyway, did not suffer from being overpowered like Vampire Counts.  The Pseudo-historical aspect of an "Egyptian mummy" army also appealed to me.

Games Workshop is gearing up to release a new army book for the Tomb Kings (first since their 6th edition book), and of course has a slew of new plastic miniatures to go with it.  Besides the new book the first sets released include plastic Tomb Guard, a War Sphinx, and Necropolis knights, both new to the army. 

The War Sphinx and the Necropolis knights appear to be in keeping with the 8th edition theme of "huge monsters", rather than the 6th/7th edition theme of "troops".  Which from my point of view is too bad, because as much as I like large center piece models, I am far more likely to have a couple of large regiments of regular troops.

Unfortunately, there are no new basic troops, so the army is still using the over sized skeletons with the Tomb King add on sprue, as well as the extremely old cow tailed skeleton horses.  Another unfortunate aspect of this release is that the new kits are all more expensive than earlier ones.  The days of $30 regiment boxes appear to be long gone.  Even the new army book is $37.25.  This makes a new army pretty costly, even if it is mostly plastic now.

So the conclusion is that a new Tomb Kings army is not in my future.  At least not until they release new chariots for me to drool over. 

Also, a warm welcome to new follower graymatterblues.

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