Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Q is for Quaffs in our Sixteenth installment of the Deepest Sea A-Z.

Occasionally your players come across a bottle of something that looks drinkable.  What is in that bottle?

roll a d20
1  Holy Water - as per standard rules
2  Aqua vitae - pure alchol, imbiber feels a warming sensation spread over their body
3  Aqua fortis - mild acid, imbiber takes d6 hp damage
4  Aqua regia - strong acid, imbiber takes d8+2 hp damage
5  Bucking solution - Lye and water, imbiber takes d6 hp damage
6  Hide glue - in urea solution, smells of urine, imbiber suffers -1 charisma for d4 hours
7  Oil of vitriol - weak sulfuric acid, smells of sulfur, imbiber takes d6 hp damage
8   Balsamic vinegar - valuable, no effects
9   Hydrogarum - diluted fermented fish guts, smells of fish, imbiber suffers -1 charisma for d6 hours
10 Natron Oil - salty soap flavor, no effects
11 Glyceryl trinitrate -  imbiber makes it react 1/2 the time, 2d20 hp damage within 10' (test separately)
12 Havling urine - smells of urine, imbiber suffers -1 charisma for d4 hours
13 Olive oil - rancid, may be used as lamp oil
14 Rose water - sweet smell, +1 to charisma for d4-1 hours
15 Wine - white translucent liquid, sweet taste, no effects
16 Spring water - clear , no effect
17  Cola - brown translucent liquid, sparkling, sweet taste, no effects
18 Carrot juice - orange clear liquid, no negative effects, PC feels vibrant
19 Hemlock Infusion - parsnip odour, save vs. poison, otherwise death in d6+1 rounds
20 Polymorphine - soft fruity taste, imbiber must make a save vs. spells, otherwise turns into a turnip

Thursday, more Deepest Sea A-Z with Rogues.

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