Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swords' Masters

Thanks once again to the bounty of the local library, I have had some interesting books to read lately. 

I finished Swords' Masters last week, and it was pretty good.  Not as good as the Three of Swords, but it was nice to return to Lankhmar.  The longer stories allowed for more development, but in some ways they do not suit the characters as well.  The short, action packed stories from the first book get right down to the point, where as the longer ones seemed to drag a bit more.  Still, plenty of interesting details there.  I particularly liked the "queller", which seems like an interesting little magic item, and also shows the difficulty a PC would face when handling some magic items... their value as raw materials may be more than the value as a magic item.

As a bonus, I also read Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser, a graphic novel adaption of the first few stories.  The script adaption was pretty good I thought, , but I really can not get into the Mingola art style.  Too... flat or something, which makes scenes with the protagonists a bit hard to view.  Also, the version of Lankhmar shown was too modern looking.  So can not really recommend that as a purchase, but from the library it was fine.

Currently I am reading Prospero Burns, which is pretty interesting so far, which is what you would expect from Dan Abnett.  The Space Wolves were never my favorite chapter, so I was a little leery of reading a whole book about them, but fortunately they are mostly secondary thus far.  More on that when I finish it.

After that, I have another library book,  the Dungeon Master's Guide II for D&D 3.5.  Should be interesting to see if there is any value to be mined there. (and the library has plenty more D&D books of mostly recent vintage)

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