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L is for Lécce in our twelfth installment of the Deepest Sea A-Z.

The Grand Republic of Lécce is located on the Deepest Sea in between the Sea and the Rim, and between Crotére and Bori.  It is a small Republic, and occupies a marshy country surrounding a bay.  Over the centuries much land has been reclaimed from the sea, as levees, dams, and other barriers exclude the sea from more and more area.  The republic is named after the principle city of Lécce, which sits at the bottom of the bay.  Arranged around the bay and the city are five large towns which are sometimes known as the Pentagon.  The five towns are heavily fortified, and help Lécce remain independent from its neighbors. 

Lécce is sometimes thought of as the most Latén of the nine remaining Latén countries.  Its people are just as vibrant as those in Emillio, and just as energetic as those in Vatoni.  They speak the Marian dialect of Laténs, which is derived from Franka.  In Lécce, many of the more educated populace learns Franka, and some also learn one or the other of the Nordish languages for trade purposes.

The people of Lécce diverge from their brethren in the other Latén countries in two ways.  The first is that they divide neatly in to two political parties, the Imperialists and the Localists.  The first believe that Lécce should petition to rejoin the empire.  They are typified by red stripes in their clothing, sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, depending on the political mood or passion of the wearer. The localists are not apposed to the idea of rejoining the empire, but want first to improve the situation of Lécce itself, either through capital improvement programs, or through conquest of the neighbors (these are divided between Crotére and Bori as the likely targets).  Localists adorn their clothing with blue billets, again depending on their passion or the political mood of the city.  Typically a family will choose one side or the other to support, and on election days the colors come out.  Strangers will be questioned about which viewpoint that they support, and none will believe that outsiders do not have an opinion on the subject.

The second way that they diverge from other Laténs is that the citizens of Lécce are elf crazy.  They ape elf style, fawn on elven visitors, try to practice their Franka, and some even go so far as to try and mate with elves.  The women wear makeup to make themselves seem more elvish, the men practice walking with mincing over emphasised elf walks. Major holidays are celebrated with the population wearing ceramic "elf masks".  Most of the rest of the world thinks that they are eccentric, but few in the Empire comment, and some accept it as their due.  The Elvish quarter of Lécce is very small, for few but the most egocentric (or crazy) can stand the attention for long.

Like the other republics around the Deepest Sea, Lécce has a small senate of elected men, and a speaker of the senate. The Republic of Lécce is unique in that it has a selected Podestà, who rules the Republic for a five year term.  During this term he is essentially imprisoned in a lovely palace on the sea, and the only outside contact he has is with the senators.  All his worldly needs are taken care of, and he is treated with the utmost curtsy, but there is no leaving the palace grounds.  The Podestà is always an elf, and he is "selected" by the senate when ever the previous term has ended, or the previous Podestà has decamped.  This selection varies from open elections in the senate to hooded kidnappings in the dead of night.

Lécce has a militia law, where all men of age in the territory must drill on the 7th day of the week.  This is often interpreted to include foreigners as well, so those visiting may find themselves outside the walls marching back and forth for a few hours. 

Lécce itself is the only city in the Republic, but the five towns of the pentagon are nearly cities in their own right. Located at the bottom of the bay, and due to land reclamation is gradually extending into it.  Has a varied trade, including fermented fish paste. Population is 5200 households
Located nearest to the Rim, Masone has stone quarries which supply the other towns, as well as fine carving stone for Lécce.  Population is 1580 households
Located at the mouth of the bay, Mele has the Republic's small fleet of galleys, as well as a substantial fishing fleet.  Population is 2000 households
Located nearest to Crotére, Busalla has the most recently upgraded fortifications, including having its walls cut low and reinforced. Has a small wizards school outside its walls, which is looked on with apprehension by the other towns.  Population is 1870 households
Known for its pottery, Recco is located in a formerly muddy swampland.  Much drained, the population has grown. Population is 1830 households
Located nearest to Bori, Repallo was heavily fortified before the other cities of the pentagon.  For this reason, it is now the weakest of the cities, and consequently has the largest militia postings in times of strife.  Most of the grain in Lécce is grown in this region. Population is 1490 households

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