Friday, August 8, 2014

Star Wars Armada

This being Gencon time, game companies need to have new games, and Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is no exception to this rule:

And they seem to have a humdinger here with Star Wars Armada, a new fleet level Star Wars game.  Expected to ring in at $100 MSRP, this will have prepainted ships (Victory class, a Nebulon B, and a Corvette) with a wealth of accessories, chits, and cards.

So... tentatively excited about this, since big ship battles are even more interesting to me than fighter skirmishes, and it seems to have some interesting mechanics to make the ships seem slow and lumbering (stacked orders, slow movements with the ruler).  The components should be high quality, and may help with the "paperwork" of fleet battles with all the integrated little dials and stats.

However, the cost, and obvious scale issues are things to keep aware of, so let us wait and see what happens and what is released.

Very compelling indeed...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Warmaster Army Selector

Whilst browsing the Rick's Warmaster site today, I saw in the "what is new" section, that there was a link to a handy automatic army selector for Warmaster.

Created by Dave Susco, the army selector actually helps to build armies for Warmaster, Warmaster Trial Armies, Warmaster Ancients, and a few of the Warmaster Ancients Army book armies.

Not only does it have the rules for army building, and the upgrades, and various alerts about having 1 of x per 1000 points, it also has the ability to save and print lists, and when you print out a list, it has options to include all the stats, special rules or just the ones used, rules for magic items used, and spells (provided you are playing Warmaster Fantasy!).

It does not appear to have the additional special units added to Warmaster Fantasty, such as elite handgunners, or the Swordmasters of Hoeth, but considering those are both rare and OOP, it is to be understood.

Anyway, this Warmaster Army Selector is pretty handy if you are into any of the official Warmaster variants, or just like to play around with list making.

Friday, August 1, 2014

10mm Pendraken Great War

As it seems to be the season for it, I have been interested in putting together a small Great War collection of 10mm figures, aiming at a company for each of the major combatants in the West, some regimental or divisional support weapons, and a few "fun" bits like tanks and trucks and what not that give a good period flavor. 

I have had a surprising amount of trouble finding online breakdowns of the composition of battalions during this period, with most of it being for 1914, and therefore not accounting for all the technological and structural developments that occurred as the war went on.  When I was doing similar research for WWII I found tons of information.  I guess since most of the battles were such large scale, that people must be ignoring the company/platoon level combat?  To me anyway, the tactical aspects of running a company or battalion seems far more interesting than the more meat grinder aspects of clashing divisions together.

I priced out a couple of companies (at roughly 1:1) from Pendraken directly, and the Warstore as an importer.  Interestingly, the Warstore comes out significantly cheaper, partly due to shipping (£19 from the UK, or $7 from NY), but each pack is cheaper as well.

The general idea is to "upsize" skirmish rules and have a 28mm figure replaced by a half squad/section base of 10mm figures.  Obviously this will need some modifications, particularly with regard to "wounds" or movement ranges, but I think it will generally work well, and with some trench terrain, will look quite nice as well.

Over on TMP I saw a thread about WWI using Rapid Fire, and found this interesting basing system, where infantry figures are mounted in strips 15mm deep, and special weapons are mounted on 25mm rounds, which seems like it would work out pretty nicely.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Copplestone 10mm Dwarfs

Copplestone has some new 10mm Fantasy, which is certainly surprising, as there have not been any releases for 10mm for some time.  Three new packs at £5.75 a pack, which works out to about $9.70 with today's exchange rate.
Two handed axes
Spears are pretty unique
I like that some swords are mixed in
The information for these figures says they are 9mm, which looking at comparison pictures of the Copplestone 11mm humans probably means to the eyes.  At that size they are going to be larger than the plastic Bo5A figures (~7.5mm to the eyes), but in line with the sizes of Eureka 10mm dwarfs, and the metal dwarf archers from the very short lived Bo5A blister line. (Occasionally on ebay for ~$30 a blister)

Regardless of their size, they are lovely, I think I will have to get some. Pity there are no archers though...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday 2014

This weekend we celebrated my birthday, and I got some loot that you may find interesting.

First is the TIE Defender for the X-wing Miniatures game.  The Defender was always my favorite in the old TIE fighter computer game, and it should be pretty powerful in the table top game too.

Second is Justice League: Axis of Villains, which is a strategy game about defending the Justice League tower from an onslaught of villains. 

Third is the King's Quest collection, which collects together the King's Quest games 1-7.  I have heard that there are some problems with playing these games on newer computers, but I loved them as a kid, so I will jump through some hoops in order to play them.

Finally, we have The Landmark edition of the Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian, which I am very excited to read... sometime.  However, there should be plenty of gaming ideas in that book, which I look forward to. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scratch Built Dropship

Sadly, not mine, but one I saw on Iron Mitten.

I really love the idea of taking "junk" and making something practical out of it, and since I have one of these same bottles at home, I was staring at it for a while in the shower this morning, thinking about how to make it into something useful for Inq28 or other WH40k/Generic Scifi sort of games.

Unfortunately I always start to get carried away, and I was thinking about blue foam shapes for the nose and tail, a chimera turret, vector engines, windows using disposable contact packets, and adding a layered styrene skin to have panels and exposed wiring... at a certain point I need to stop thinking and just make something.

(also see this post from the Marienburg Gazette)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A few days late for this, but 100 years ago Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot to death in Sarajevo by Princip, a member of the Black Hand. This was of course the immediate cause of the Great War, which started a month later on 7/28/1914.  While that war may seem remote to some, it is obviously hugely important to making the contemporary world, with global effects rippling out from a few pistol shots in a far away city.

As it happened I visited the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna a couple of years ago, where they have a whole room full of artifacts from the shooting, including the car, Archduke Franz's coat, and the pistols of the Black Hand agents captured following the attack.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Perry Brothers Liberated

We are aware that there are rumours flying around that we have left Games Workshop! Thought we should set the record straight and let you all know that…we have! After 36 years, man and boy, working on Warhammer, 40K and of course, for the l...ast 15 years LotR and the Hobbit we are now able to focus our energy on our historical ranges.This means more time to dedicate to Perry Miniatures, and of course Mr Jackson who we continue to make 54mm WW1 figures for. We had an excellent evening on Friday at The Trip to Jerusalem with GW, and ex-GW, colleagues and friends who got us very, very drunk - cheers!
Above taken from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.
With the move away from metal and now from individual figures, as well as the end of the LotR/Hobbit run... it only makes sense I suppose. 36 years at GW is more than enough for anyone, although with this departure, it means that there are even fewer "names" left at GW, as they leave for greener pastures. 
Celebrate by hurrying to the Perry Miniatures website and buying some figures!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

023 Sells Army

ZeroTwentyThree is selling his WHFB Marienburg (Empire) army. While this is undoubtedly a great tragedy for him, it should be a great opportunity for someone else [or rather two chances, since he is selling humans in one lot, and weirdos in another].

Friday, May 2, 2014

Inquisitor d1000 Part 9 - Demeanor

Here is a d100 table of Appearance as part of the d1000 inquisitor attributes project. Go back and read that post if you want to know what this is about.

Just Psyker and Stats left to go for this project, and then I will have the grand summation post, and create a page to help people find all of this "content".
Roll Demeanor
1 Absent Minded
2 Amoral
3 Arch
4 Assertive
5 Bad Tempered
6 Barbarous
7 Brusque
8 Calm
9 Careless
10 Catty
11 Cautious
12 Charming
13 Cheeky
14 Cold
15 Composed
16 Conceited
17 Conscientious
18 Contemptuous
19 Coquettish
20 Courtly
21 Coy
22 Crotchety
23 Curious
24 Debonair
25 Deceitful
26 Depraved
27 Docile
28 Dogmatic
29 Domineering
30 Enthusiastic
31 Excitable
32 Extroverted
33 Faithful
34 Fawning
35 Ferocious
36 Fickle
37 Flaky
38 Full Of Him/Herself
39 Fussy
40 Good Natured
41 Haughty
42 Hedonistic
43 Heroic
44 Immoral
45 Imperturbable
46 Impulsive
47 Inconsiderate
48 Introverted
49 Inventive
50 Irritating
51 Jolly
52 Jovial
53 Languid
54 Lordly
55 Lout
56 Loyal
57 Majestic
58 Manic
59 Manipulative
60 Moody
61 Nervous
62 Noble
63 Old Fashioned
64 Opinionated
65 Passive
66 Patronizing
67 Perfectionist
68 Persuasive
69 Picky
70 Playful
71 Pleasant
72 Polite
73 Pompous
74 Pragmatic
75 Punctilious
76 Puritanical
77 Quick Tempered
78 Reserved
79 Rude
80 Sage
81 Sanctified
82 Savage
83 Serious
84 Slimy
85 Slovenly
86 Sly
87 Somber
88 Spiteful
89 Staid
90 Stately
91 Surly
92 Taciturn
93 Thoughtful
94 Torpid
95 Trustworthy
96 Undiscriminating
97 Unswerving
98 Urbane
99 Volatile
100 Witty

As always, please let me know what you think.