Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rogue One

As I mentioned in my holiday report, like most of you I saw Rogue One over the holidays (which now seem long gone).  When I was back at a computer the following week, I perused the local library's collection of Rogue One books, and ordered up the lot of them.  The novels have not turned up yet, but I have read both the Star Wars: Rogue One: Ultimate Visual Guide [Subtitle: the search for more colons] and the Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Both are lovely as you would expect in the Lucasarts/Disney tradition, and are very well made books (as they ought to be for the cover price!)  However, I was a little disappointed that neither book had much in the way of set design/photographs which is what I really wanted to see, nor much detailed costuming. I suppose that there may be a future book that will cover the costuming and locations, but it seems like content that could have been included here, and neither book had much of anything anything about Cassian at the Rings of Kaferne, which I suppose is because that scene was added very late in production.

Here are some inspiring sample pictures from them. (click to enlarge)

Imperial Tank officer

Jedha Street Patrol

Jedha Bounty Hunter

Jedha pilgrims
Chirrut costume variation

LA apparently made over 500 pieces of space ship art to settle on the U-Wing

Jedha characters

Stormtrooper confrontation

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Mark said...

The concept artbooks are always a treat. I'm sure we'll be seeing the "runner up" designs in Rebels soon. A lot of the OT and Clone Wars cast-offs reappeared later.