Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holiday Report

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, my dear readers.

Christmas was busy, as I was finishing up a few gift miniatures for my sister and my nephews.  I took the opportunity to finish a few of my other figures, so you should see some of them in the near future.

I did not get much in the way of hobby items as gifts this year (and surprisingly no books either!), but I did get a Neophyte Hybrids, which should yield some great figures when I get around to working on them.

As one does, I managed to see Rogue One, and jolly good it was too. I expect to draw quite a lot of inspiration from the movie for various skirmish endeavors, and expect quite a lot of you to do so as well. (Jedha seems to be perfect for a rogue trader town).

After Christmas time, we managed to get away to my Wife's cousins' house for a few days, where we played a variety of games, including Magic, Careers
custom movers

And a couple of rounds of Risk Legacy, which were slightly frustrated by a mispack.
Risk legacy

The next generation even made a sort of wargame of their very own...

As all things must, this splendid long weekend came to an end, but not before a salient reminder of the dangers of Christmas tree disposal.

How did you spend the holiday period?


Suber said...

Cool to know you enjoyed the days! You've been a busy bee!! :D

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks, and it will certainly seem so when my scheduled posts come out! Getting miniatures finished is very satisfying (even if my photography of them remains terrible/disappointing)