Friday, August 7, 2015

Warlords to distribute Wargames Factory

Warlords Games is now going to distribute Wargames Factory miniatures. 

Which is pretty interesting as Warlords continues to increase its dominance of the "casual" historical miniatures market, and this will also expand their reach into the sci-fi market with the various zombie kits and the shock troops produced by Wargames Factory.

I believe that Warlords also sells the plastic Perry miniatures, and the plastic Gripping Beast miniatures , which means that only Victrix is outside of their store.

So an interesting development.

On a more personal note, not too much time for hobby lately, although I have painted a few figures waiting to be photographed, and worked on my converted Sigmarine.  Summer is busy, and the kids were very sick which cut into "free" time significantly.


Mad Padre said...

Interesting to see this degree of consolidation in the hobby.
Hope your kids are better now.

Lasgunpacker said...

Yes, and North Star has a bunch of the smaller metal manufacturers.

Kids have recovered, but they sure take a lot of time when they are I'll (and worry)