Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pavement test

A long while back I had it in my head that I should make a test bit of pavement to try out the idea of using standard wall filler as a pavement/road.  The idea was that I would tryout this technique on a scrap of card and examine its suitability for larger terrain pieces.

The process was thus:

  1. Cut a bit of GW plastic sprue to be the curb
  2. slather the "pavement" portion of the board with wall filler
  3. layer of wall filler for the "road"
  4. repeat until all gaps are filled
  5. sand and add in pavement stone markings
  6. "paint" with ink diluted in rubbing alcohol
  7. repeat until desired color is obtained 
  8. paint on markings, add trash/plants as needed
  9. add pastel chalks
  10. seal

Here is my blurry result.

In person the "dirt" in the gutter is a bit less reddish, and obviously the actual pavement is not blurry!
Ruddy version of the same, where you can see the curb and detritus
I was particularly pleased with how the sponge painted markings turned out, particularly as they took all of 5 minutes to do. Anyway, it seems as if this pavement test is mostly a success; however it is not as quick as one might hope for, say, doing a whole city block of terrain.  Certainly suitable for building a photography set.


Stygianheart said...

I really like the effect you've come up with. It's a convincing time-worn city look.
Thanks for sharing this, I may borrow some of these ideas when I get back to making terrain in the future.

Lasgunpacker said...


Really the only hard part was waiting for the layers of wall filler to dry (one day each), and waiting for the ink to dry (quickly)