Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Night Goblins - Nearing completion

Before you start a new project, you should finish you old project... is advice that I clearly never follow, as a glance around my blog, or house, or office would clearly tell you. 

However, I am nearly done with these night goblins, and while I was getting them ready for various basing work, I took a few hasty pictures.

The lighting is not great at night, but I think you can make out what is needed here. 
First up is a picture of all the goblins I painted in this round, which include 30 spear goblins, six fanatics (all old metal so they scale better), and four converted "heroes".  I started these in January, so not the fastest painting progress, although in terms of time spent it was not so bad. 

Here is my converted battle standard bearer and the figure it was built on. The standard is comprised of three different parts, and the left arm comes from a beastman (with some sculpted robes)

All of my figures have come from the old WHFB 7th edition starter box called "the Battle at Skull Pass" or some such, and as with all GW starter boxes, the included figures are relatively cheap on Ebay for a few years after release.  Consequently, I was able to buy a bunch of the figures (which is where the various regiments come from), and had a ton of heroes for conversion.  The center guy in this picture is the big boss from the box, and I converted two more of that same figure in to the guy on the left and the right. 

Since I had a surplus body from the battle standard bearer, I converted him to a boss with a great weapon.  Pretty minimal sculpting was needed, which I always appreciate. (As I recall the original regiments were much smaller than the 30-40 size I am building them as, so I have a lot of spare command figures)
Last, we have three generations of regimental champions, with the oldest on the left, 2013 edition in the middle, and newest on the right.  I think there are about 11-12 years between them. 

Since I took these pictures I managed to flock the bases for all these fellows, as well as another, older regiment of spear goblins that I painted a while back.  I was intending to also do the static grass, but looking at 70 of their little faces the energy left me, and they got put back into a box while I played Civ V.  Not exactly an ideal result, but they are so close now... just the static grass and matte coating and they will be finished. In the future I have another 40 spear goblins, 40 or so archers, the rest of the night goblin wolf riders to convert, a few more trolls, and a spear thrower... sounds pretty daunting when you think about it.

Next should be 15mm Germans, but you never know.


TamsinP said...

Nice Gobbos! :)

Dai said...

Regardless of how long you take, what you've done looks great mate! Horde armies always intimidated me so I've never done one. On purpose! LOL

I might have some gobz laying about somewhere that I can donate...

Stew said...

70 green faces will take the heart out of any man. 😀
Horde armies are always a chore to make but look great on the table when finished.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks all!

Somehow I fully bought into the 6th edition philosophy of WHFB, where "core" troops are what make an army, and consequently all the armies I have are infantry heavy (Empire, Goblins, Dwarfs, Dogs of War, Chaos). Similar story for 40k too.

SITZKRIEG! said...

Looks good! I always liked that set, especially for some reason the little dwarven wagon train fig. It's good to finish an existing project before you start a new one as you said but I've always found it hard to live up to that ideal myself! If I don't have a looming deadline (like an upcoming RPG campaign game where I need the fig done to use), I flit around between them personally.

FourEyedMonster said...

It's always great to see more goblins being painted. There is something about them and orks that also appeals to me. :)

siapalu said...
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