Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Must be summer

Nearly a month without a post?  And that basically an advert?  Well, between being sick, dealing with sick people, the heat (41 yesterday), holidays, kids out of school, and other malarkey, I just have not been doing much in the way of hobby.  I put a brush to a miniature for all of 20 minutes in the last couple of months and it was not even that satisfying.

Fortunately there are always blogs to read, and Ebay... well, maybe that last one is not so fortunate.  (and strangely coupled with the former)  I did contribute to my first Kickstarter, in the shape of Reaper's Bones IV, and oh dear, that is another advert isn't it?

Hope to return to form soon, and I do have a few posts cooking... just not much in the way of progress.


Heisler said...

Bones IV?! You are doomed!

captain arjun said...

Hi Las,

You won the draw on my blog by default, so maybe that's something for you to do this summer. :)

Let me have your email by posting it in a comment on the post and then deleting it immediately. I will get your mailing address through that.


Dai said...

Reaper's Bones KS are alluring for sure. But I need more random minis like I need a 3rd testicle.

Hope you and the family feel better soon mate and that your hobby mojo returns sooner!

Lasgunpacker said...

Well, I am only in for $1 at the moment to secure my wave 1 slot, but I think that will grow...

And Capt. Arjun, I have left a comment on the relevant blog post.

Sean said...

I see all the cool stuff from Bones 3 on the Reaper facebook group, but have somehow managed to not pledge. Of course I've been ordering something from the every month to get the special anniversary figures. So probably all told I'll be spending more than the Kickstarter. I still need to do my report from our 3 way Shadow War game. I don't have very many pictures.