Thursday, February 27, 2014

the 300

No, not the Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, That here, obedient to Spartan law, we lie, 300.

I have not posted for a while, both because I have some pending projects that I wanted to finish and be cause of regular life taking up more time; but also, and possibly more importantly because I wanted to do something for the 300th post to the blog.

So yeah, 300 posts.  Pretty amazing if you think about it, particularly if you consider that my lovely and supportive wife and I bought a house and had two kids during that time; and over 46,000 page views and 60 followers is also quite gratifying.  So yay, me, and here is a bit of blog celebration and some highlights.

Top Five Posts
The top five posts of this blog, as measured by page views are:
  1. Armies of the Napoleonic Wars: An Illustrated History A new post and popular for reasons unknown to me.  Seems to be popular in Spain.
  2. From WFRP to fine art  Also popular in Spain, I think because it mentions WFRP and Estalia.   Sometimes I flatter myself and think it is because of this:
  3. Swords Popular as a Google search, possibly because there are not many pictures of "short swords" out there.
  4. Post Possibly popular because of the sprue picture, popular with me because it features the Games Workshop brochure that Tony kindly sent me.
  5. Kampfgruppe Normandy Was popular at the time of its posting because there was lots of interest in the book... most of which is no doubt gone now that it is OOP.
Four Favorite Creations
The four favorite things I have done since I started this blog:
  1. Baneblade: Built during the past four years, I need to paint it.  It has a number of alterations from the original kit, which is part of why it took so darn long...
  2. Giant: the largest kit I have painted (since the Baneblade is still unpainted!).  I think I could do a better job now, but it still quite imposing.
  3. Scratch built galley:  Turning scrap wood and paper into a scale model was extremely satisfying, and I think that the result is quite nice as well, considering.
  4. Deepest Sea Players' Guide: by far my most ambitious project, with 28 pages of content covering the various things that a player in my little universe needs to know, both about the setting, and D&D play generally.
Three things to look forward to
  1. Inq28: Poised to explode onto this blog, now that I have over 20 figures near to the "complete" phase and ready for paint.  This has been underway for years, so it will warm the cockles of my heart to get the blighters painted and on the 'net for everyone to see.
  2. Bo5A: As the last Hobbit movie comes out in December, and as the movie features the aforementioned Battle of Five Armies, this needs to be done!  23 battalions is a bit daunting, but it can be done. (and I have a few ideas to jazz the standard set up a bit if I get done before hand)
  3. Inquisitor d1000: Seven segments deep now, and only a few more to go. I will make up a new page to the blog when it is done for ready access.
Two things done recently, but unposted
  1. Finish painting Tau: All done!  Just need to dulcoat and take pictures
  2. Dwarf Sculpting: Decided to DIY my Longbeard regiment... one miniature at a time.
One important last thing:

Thank you, dear readers for helping me along the way, and for continuing to read that which I pour out.

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