Wednesday, April 17, 2013

INQ28 - Workbench

Here is a shot of my workbench taken this weekend.

Seen here in various states of completion are a guard vet, an Interrogator, Masque, an investigator, Deathwatch Marine, Tech Priestess, and the bits for an inquisitor and the Xenophile. (and a bunch of random bits and pieces).  Of these, only the Marine is "done", and it still needs to be rebased.  So loads more work to go.


Janushedemann said...

Hi Mate,

Looks really fine - a lot of good potential on those models :)

Looking forward to see them as tyhey progress.

Its always fun to bash new models, as you find bits or develop concepts :)



Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks! I have 1001 ideas, but unfortunately less time and money than I might like.

Lots more to come though!