Tuesday, April 16, 2013

15mm Hammer's Slammers

Hammer's Slammers, the mercenary regiment of the future as detailed by David Drake, is what got me into the whole Dirtside/6mm thing.  Reading about columns of tanks advancing under fire, and artillery desperately trying to penetrate their defenses was inspiring enough that I sought out a rule set that would let me game it. [which is something I still hope to do sometime]

However, as you are probably aware, 15mm is where most of the excitement is in scifi games lately.  The ability to have a full company of infantry and support units interact in a meaningful and semi realistic way is certainly appealing to most gamers, and 15mm is a size that still allows for figure detail, while to taking too much table size.  StarGrunt is the classic rule set for this sort of gaming, but there are many others.

So 15mm Hammer's Slammers would appeal to a lot of gamers, and there have been a few attempts to build a proper Slammers' blower tank, both official models, and unofficial ones.  Anisty Castings is now the licence holder for the official 15mm models, taking it over from Old Crow.  With the new licence, they also updated the models to be correctly scaled at 1/100, and they are just gorgeous as you can see. [painted by John Treadaway]

£8, John's painting not included.
Anisty is also making new models of the combat car, which will also have photo etch details for the canopy and other parts.
£5.50 with crew
So, while I do not [yet] have any 15mm scifi forces, I certainly will be taking a look at these, and if you like the Slammers, or just great hover tanks, you probably should too.

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