Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warmaster Empire

If you have not noticed yet, Ebay has a redesigned front page for logged in members.  Previously this page was a bit spare, and had the last few items you looked at, and a few "deals" and other advertisements.  Now, it has that, and it also has a Pinterest style "feed" which has pictures of items for you to scroll through.  These items are based on interests that you enter, and have a certain level of sorting and filtering built in, so that you see them as you would like.  It is an interesting way to explore Ebay, and could lead you to see something that you really must have, although it is still new and a little buggy.

Which leads me to Warmaster.  One of the interests suggested by Ebay based on past searches and purchases was Warmaster, and in refining that interest to exclude satanic black metal bands, I began looking at auctions for Warmaster miniatures, when then led me to conduct a survey of my existing blisters and boxes.

Currently I have about 1200 points without any heroes, upgrades, or magic. [Naturally all unpainted]  Adding in the heroes and magic brings me to around 1600, at which point I now need a compulsory pair of crossbow regiments.  I also apparently lack a Helblaster, and could probably do with another flagellant regiment and 1-2 more pistolier regiments.  Adding those things brings me nicely to around 2000 points, and seems as if it would give a rather nice game as well.

Here are a few useful Warmaster links:
Games Workshop page
Rules part 1
Rules part 2
Warmaster Armies (rule book for 15 armies)
Rick's Warmaster (being the author)
Brumbaer's Warmaster (many useful articles, and figure comparisons)
Living Rules

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