Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On sculpting

I have been working a bit on the various Inquisitor figures I have going, and have been thinking about how much I need to work on my sculpting skills.  Most of the figures need at least filling before they are ready to be "finished", but some really need replaced hands, or resculpted pants, or similar, which currently exceeds my skill level. Fortunately I have been pretty satisfied with the various heads I have in my bitzbox, so no need to sculpt one yet, but I am sure it is coming some time.

So, I need to practice more, and here are some tips and tutorials that I have been collecting in support of this.  [and do not take these as any indication as to where my figures are going, they are just useful links!]

Tentacle/cable making with a comb:
Octopus style suckered tentacles:
Quick hands:
Hand holding a spear or banner:
Five minute hands:,sculpting.php?id=508#i/kwadrat/big/hand_tutorial_01.jpg
Sculpting Chain:
Foil straps:
Peaked Cap:
Head sculpting (larger scale)
Hex headed bolts
Power clamp arm

In a related vein, I have been collecting a few images of useful conversions in my Pinterest. [which surprisingly has 13 followers now]

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