Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Box Games Kickstarter

Red Box Games, Tré Manor's line of miniatures, is having a kickstarter to transition the HelsVakt Gynnade Krigare figures from metal to Trollforged plastic-resin. Backing at $25 (Plus shipping?) means that you get five figures, when normally they go for $40 in metal.  So a good deal if you are looking for properly scaled chaos warrior types.

Tré is a great sculptor, and used to (still does?) produced the odd figure for Reaper as well. His figures have a great musculature, and always seem to be loaded down with gear the way real people would be in battle, or better, when exploring a dungeon.

The current Red Box line has some great figures, so I am watching this one eagerly, and hope that it allows Tré to re-release a number of his lines into cheaper plastic-resin.  So please give eagerly!

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