Monday, July 2, 2012

Dungeon Room Key Layout II

In response to my previous post about Dungeon Keys, FrDave asks: What would this look like with a monster out in the open and what would it look like if those monsters were hidden (in an ambush, for example?)

Basically, monsters or hazards out in the open are listed in the obvious category, and those which are hidden are either in the detail or DM section depending on how easily they could be found.

Here is an example with some goblins and a troll:

The goblins are obvious to a party opening the door to the chapel, where as the obvious detail of the bone covered alter obscures the sleeping troll until it is either looked at in more detail, or the troll wakes up following a battle or other loud noise.

Thoughts? Comments? Refinements?


FrDave said...

Thank you! This is very helpful. One refinement: I would note the existence of the troll in the DM section at the top along with the stats of the goblins (e.g. Note sleeping troll below). Otherwise, in the midst of gaming, the reality of the troll might be overlooked until after the d4 rounds called for in the text.

Lasgunpacker said...

yes, that is an excellent point, any linked items should certainly be referenced in all items. The troll entry has a link to the goblins (d4 rounds after fighting or loud noise), but the goblin entry also needs to mention the troll as you say.

Lead Addict said...

This is god damn genius. A revelation

Lasgunpacker said...

Thank you Lead Addict, but I stand on the shoulders of giants.