Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non-combat fumbles

Over on his blog, Jeff has a post about marching tightly, and he muses that there should be a table for non-combat fumbles.

Here is such a 3d6 table for the DM to use when such a situation occurs. Slightly more humorous that I would normally do, which can be fun.

To use this chart, when the group is in a clumsy situation, roll every x turns [modified by various factors like terrain, lighting], and on a successful roll, consult chart for a complication.  If a complication does not make sense, roll again.

3 Iggy's itchy bow fingers Accidental ranged weapon release (normal damage)
4 So sleepy… Reduced oxygen in this area makes d4 characters tired, all rolls -1 for d4 turns
5 Oh Nose!  Trips and falls flat on face, resulting in a broken nose, -1hp, -1CHA until healed (d6 weeks)
6 Shiny Shiny!  Someone in the march order stops abruptly, resulting in a pileup
7 You fool of a Took! One Character kicks over a pile of something very very loud
8 Dung you watch where you walk? Slips in something unmentionable on the ground, spills out all gear
9 Watch your step! Hole in the ground results in twisted ankle, reduced movement for d4 turns
10 It sure is drafty in this place One Light source is snuffed out, and needs to be relit
11 Slippery slope One character trips and drops hand carried gear
12 Watch where you point that thing!  Someone gets an eye full of torch/lamp, -1 to ranged combat for d6 turns
13 How much did you eat again?  Belt breaks, drops attached gear to the ground with a loud clatter
14 Watch your head dummy!  Cracks head on low point in ceiling/branch etc., character drops to ground, -1hp if not wearing helmet
15 Wallow wallow piggy! Falls into a mud hole, -2CHA until cleaned off
16 Who ate beans last night? a concentration of Methane gas ignites if there is open flame, resulting in a puff of light,
and d4 damage to the person carrying the flame
17 If you were a horse, we would shoot you Hole in the ground results in broken ankle, -2hp, reduced movement until healed (d10 weeks)
18 Chuck was a little too ready with the sword Someone stabs someone else (damage -1)

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Will Douglas said...

Very nice! Got some obvious things that I'm kicking myself now for missing.

Mine is here: http://coffeeanalog.blogspot.com/2012/01/random-table-for-jeff.html, in case you'd like to look at it.