Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magic Item: Sunswords

Forged in the mythical antediluvian age by the elves of that time, Sunswords are a magic weapon without equal in the known world.  They are each known to collectors by name, the history of each over the long thousands of years chronicled in the City by sages, great battles at which they appeared known to dreaming squires all over the world.

Finding an unknown Sunsword is correspondingly very rare.  The majority of those known are in the hands of the Paladins of Red Bella, the Elvish God of War, and even then they rarely leave the Grand Armory-Cathedral in the City.  News of finding a new sword in the human lands would mean that armies would march, and assassins, thieves and worse would be unleashed to recover the prize, for so great is their prestige that they are coveted by the kings of man... or those who would to become kings.

Yet, the Sunsword is not a mortal blade. They are made neither from bronze nor iron, rather their blade glows slightly, like unto the new dawning sun, white over the horizon. It is this three cubit blade from which their power comes, for the hilt is unremarkable, being nothing more than a cylinder etched for grip.  There is no guard, no ornamentation, no gems, nothing besides the blade and the hilt.  Nothing there is, besides the box. 

Given time, the Sunsword cuts all things, and suffers no scabbard or belt, cutting easily through either. Instead, each is stored in a special white ceramic box, which grips the hilt tightly, letting the blade remain untouched. This box also blocks the unending light and faint hum generated by the blade, allowing its bearer to rest, and to carry the sword unremarked.  The hilt does have a flat bottom, which can be used to rest the blade during a respite in combat, but many have died on their own blades, trying to regain them in a moment of panic, and the wise ignore this feature.

Sunsword, 1lb, d12+4 damage
Sunsword case, 5lbs

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