Friday, November 15, 2019

WH:TOW - All Aboard the Hype Train

Next Stop Wish List City.

So this is apparently something that the GW design team is really working on... for a far future release.

Wish-listing? Plastic Warmaster scaled Warhammer. Far more suited to the scale that GW wants Warhammer to be, plus visually gorgeous.

More realistic?  Cynical way to rope in the grognards by bringing out a $75 $100 hardback rulebook with all the characters they love and miss.  If it plays like 6th edition, but incorporates 8th edition units, they will have my money!

So we will see.


Stew said...

I would totally bet on the more realistic but with some wish list items. That’s the winning formula and best of both worlds, which is why GW is do successful. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Yes, like the LotR resurgence! Bring back certain beloved items, make a cheaper entry point, and then crank up that rack with expensive books and plastic characters.

Merijn said...

I'd buy a hardcover with all the old units (and some of the new), a reasonable way to balance them and a lot of scenario's. But plastic Warmaster, now there's a dream :)

pak company said...
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