Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reaper Bones Comparison

Yesterday, in my post about buying some Reaper miniatures, Merijn asked about the quality of the Bones figures, and it got me to thinking about how I happen to have a duplicate figure (as a result of a mispack) 

Here are a couple of quick comparison shots I took this morning.  The pictures are not great, and the metal figure is partly converted, but you can see that the figure is at least in the same range of quality, with some softening around edges, possibly most prominent on the hair.  Some of this is also an artifact of the photography, as white figures just do not photograph well! You can also see the level of flash on the bones figure (look at the right boot), which must be cut away, rather than sanded or scraped. 

Anyway, I like the Reaper Bones figures, particularly for half the cost!  Hope it is helpful to someone. 


Merijn Gelens-Voermans said...

Thanks that gives a good impression of the difference in quality between the two.

Maj. Guiscard said...

I agree, I definitely think the price break vs slight loss in quality is worth it. I jumped in on the most recent "Bones Kickstarter"

Stew said...

Nice service for those interested in these miniatures, good job! 👍🏻

Sebastian said...

Have to admit, I've been wondering about the comparison for awhile - thanks very much :)

Dai said...

I have this one in the bones plastic. Detail to me is very soft. It will take a very creative painting effort to make her look good.

Can text me? Lost your info... Trying to sort out possible game when Sean is next in town.