Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend Basics - Future Wash

This weekend was ostensibly a long one here, and it seemed longer since my wife was out of town, leaving the kids and the house in my dubious hands. Amidst the various chaos of the weekend, I did manage to get three so hours for work on miniatures, and I finished the base paint for the 63 figures my Steel legion platoon, and followed that up by a wash.

Shown here are the three components of my wash, which are GW Black wash from a bottle I got in 1997 (!), craft store matte varnish, and Future floor finish, which is the best smelling of all hobby products. My mix ends up somewhere pretty close to what people get from a dip, although I brush it on (and have been doing this for far longer than I have been reading about dipping).  I quite like the end effect, but mixing it each time is a bit of a pain, and it is highly glossy even with the matte varnish mixed in, so it needs a spray varnish to dull it down again at the end.  When the old GW black wash runs out, I will probably switch to a contemporary GW wash, which will have the advantage of being "out of the bottle" ready.

Still to come for these guys: a bit of touch up, some greenery for the bases, and then dullcote and we are done... probably about 1.5 years in total, although not too many hours all together.  I also have a few more of these guys on my workbench (Heavy mortar, Commissar, sniper, Heavy Stubber team), and will then need to cast about for my next large project. (Game mat? WHFB Chaos?)


Allison M. said...

Thanks for the comment on my Budget Ion Cannon :) Always appreciated. As for your post here, that's a lot of infantry! As a parent myself, I'm curious how you got 3 hours painting time while "on duty"? That's a trick worthy of the Laughing God...

Lasgunpacker said...

I managed by having four days to spread it over, making them go to bed early through physical exhaustion, and shorting myself on sleep, aka, the usual parent tricks. ;)