Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A little bit of Theater - Part 2

As you no doubt read in part one, I ordered the Monarch Theater from Multiverse to build as a gift for my wife.

After a couple of weeks, my wife was out of town for an evening, and the kids were asleep, so I was able to put in some time, and here is where I got:

Decorative pillar with three pieces of MDF, and a card overlay for added detail

Floors coming together

This is going to be a tall building (206mm)
I glued everything with plain old white glue, applied with a toothpick

These windows, while odd in a theater, are nicely made of three layers of MDF and card
I apparently did not take a picture of my stopping point, but I did get all of the decorative pillars attached, and now just need to work on the marque and the rear staircase.

  • There were no instructions with this kit (at the time of writing forthcoming to the website), but I was able to puzzle out where most of the parts went pretty quickly.  Years of model and LEGO building pay off! 
  • The detail was engraved nicely, and I hope it lasts through painting. 
  • All of the cuts were very clean, and some of the pieces more or less came out on their own. 
  • The scale of the building listed on the website is 28-35mm, and it is clear that some aspects of this kit are aimed at the larger side of things. Windows and the ticket sellers booth in particular are clearly aimed at taller models, although the doorways are a bit wide and short for regular 28mm miniatures, and would seem too small for the larger figures. You can see this in the third picture, which has my converted Necromunda Bounty hunter in the shot for scale. Even with a base, the ticket booth is too tall for him, and the doors are a bit short. 
  • I am not a fan of the way the doors are handled (an attached flat bit on the bottom),and plan to replace them with some sort of hinge. I do think that it makes them playable very quickly, which for most people is probably key. 
  • Construction took me about 3 hours to complete the major building and its decorations, which would have been about 2.5 hours if I had instructions, and probably less if I had built a laser cut building before. 
Stay tuned next time for more pictures of this build. 


riot ville said...

Impressive looking building.

Blessed be the Lego ;0)

Joakim Ström said...

I'm looking forward to the next post, this has been enjoyable.
Interesting company - they have quite a few very nice buildings, I'll probably a few for my pulp games. Thanks for the tip

Lasgunpacker said...

Yes, I really like their new brownstone buildings. Fortunately for my wallet they were not available when this theater was, otherwise I would have added to the order!