Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workbench Early September

I have had a bit of time to take stock of my Inquisitorial workbench recently, and I have about 18 figures "finished" to the point where they can be primed and painting can start. Another 10 or so are mostly built, in the sense that they can stand on their own base, and if they do not have all their limbs attached, there is a planned set of limbs set aside for them.

If this sounds like a large number of figures for what is nominally a warband skirmish game... well yes it is, but that is what happens when you build six Inquisitorial warbands at once, as well as various NPC and bad guy types.  I fully expect to reach around 50 models just with the stuff I have currently on hand and planned.

This first picture is of a mercenary sort that I built based on the leftover chest bit from a ... that one piece sort of inspired the whole figure, and from there it was just sorting through bits to see what worked.  Since I took this picture I have added a dangling skull on his lower armored plate, and a bit of wiring to his neck, but he is otherwise complete as shown.

The second picture is of a battle priest with a shotgun.

The final picture is surprisingly small given that it used the same camera as the other two... anyway, it shows the state of the workbench, including the baneblade of shame in the back, the various nearly finished Inquisitor figures, a pile of bits, and various other projects in progress, including a Necromunda gang that has been in a partly completed state since 2010...

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