Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Copplestone 10mm Dwarfs

Copplestone has some new 10mm Fantasy, which is certainly surprising, as there have not been any releases for 10mm for some time.  Three new packs at £5.75 a pack, which works out to about $9.70 with today's exchange rate.
Two handed axes
Spears are pretty unique
I like that some swords are mixed in
The information for these figures says they are 9mm, which looking at comparison pictures of the Copplestone 11mm humans probably means to the eyes.  At that size they are going to be larger than the plastic Bo5A figures (~7.5mm to the eyes), but in line with the sizes of Eureka 10mm dwarfs, and the metal dwarf archers from the very short lived Bo5A blister line. (Occasionally on ebay for ~$30 a blister)

Regardless of their size, they are lovely, I think I will have to get some. Pity there are no archers though...

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Ptr said...

Great overview of the figures.I also like your graphics on your blog.I will start follow your work from now on.Cheers from me(Peter i Sweden)