Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ebay win(s)

After a year or more, and at least 20 bids, I finally won a high elf griffon from the Isle of Blood Warhammer Fantasy Battle starter.  I guess the market finally became saturated enough that my low ball bids had some success (fortunately for only one griffon and not all of the ones I was bidding on!).  As is my custom with ebay, I then checked out what other items the seller had for sale... and ended up with a Skaven regiment and some bits.

You can not tell from my crummy camera phone picture, but the sculpting is amazing, and the skaven in particular are super sharp, and have no duplicates in 20 figures, something that would be inconceivable when I started in this wacky hobby over 15 years ago, when plastic meant "monopose" 99% of the time.

Now I just have to decide if I want to change the griffon's rider to something for fitting for the Empire, like a wizard lord, or if I like the model enough to leave it as a high elf, a testimony to an army that I will never start.  The skaven can be used in D&D games or WHFRP, or with some conversion in Mordheim, although I like the figures enough that I seriously considered getting a few more of these regiments and starting an army... but just for a few minutes.  Skaven armies are massive, and I do not need a fifth unbuilt/unpainted Warhammer army. (do I?)



Porky said...

Skaven really are punishing as an army, but in small numbers for Mordheim or other fantasy settings, why not? Personally I'm not so fond of these new plastics - or the older-generation plastics for that matter - as some of the older metals, but the Skaven concept has more than enough character overall, and plastic is hard to beat for swaps and conversions.

Lasgunpacker said...

I have a sprue worth of the previous skaven and these new ones are 100% better in terms of pose and detail.

And yeah, armies of low point tarpits are powerful, but sooo expensive to build.