Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Update

Apologies for the long gap between posts. (nearly a month?!)  A number of things have combined to reduce my time and energy for posting, including being busy at work and planning an overseas trip.

I had a birthday recently, and got a number of lovely presents that I will be talking about at some point in the future.  Including: a GW Ent kit (which is intended to serve as a DnD and LotR figure), a new roll top desk to house my modeling tools and projects, decoration for the hobby room, and the board game Duel in the Dark, which I am very excited about.

I have already played a solo game of Duel in the Dark, a feature that will ensure I am able to get a game in from time to time.  (and I won too, defeating the British for that night)  The components are fantastic, and it was only $15 on Amazon, so you really ought to check it out.  I will try and post a more through review once I have played a few more games... and have some more time.

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