Friday, June 22, 2012

Things what I noticed

Have not been keeping up with the old blogosphere, so there is plenty of interesting work out there that I did not notice when it was new and fresh. 

Map Text Layout from FrDave.
Where-in different columns are used to convey information to players and the DM respectively, and information rows are sorted by "obviousness".  For example, a you might have basic room description as a player text box, and the size/secrets of the room as the DM.  Monster physical description, and then monster stats, etc.

There is definitely something there about organization that I want to look into more, and being spreadsheet/box oriented, this appeals to me.

Classed based XP from Jeff Rients:

It seems to me that class based XP charts can be a fun addition to the game, particular in a more sandboxy setting, where you want the players to develop their own goals and plans.  It may be important to try and structure the bonuses in such a way as to direct play in a positive way, where the party tries to work together, rather than against each other.  I particularly like the idea of a pilgrimage XP bonus for cleric based classes.

While reading the comments, I also had the flash of how the "barbarians" of my Deepest Sea setting function.  They have a gift based economy, with all of its attendant virtues and vices.  Played properly, this pushes barbarian characters nicely into alien "otherness" without having to larder on a set of rules to make that happen. (not that there is anything wrong with more rules)

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