Monday, November 7, 2011

Red Box Games

This past week I got an order of miniatures from Red Box Games (RBG).  Sculpted by Tré Manor, the Red Box Games figures are much closer to "true" proportionality, which can mean that they look small compared to other figures, and in particular have small heads (or normal sized depending on your POV).  Personally, I find the figures to be lovely, but I can see why some people would say that they do not mix with other figure lines.

In my order was the figure "Nannulf of Arnholt's Hill", a barbarian type with three different arm combination options.  He can have a sword and shield, two handed axe, or javelins and a buckler. The finish of the figure was excellent, with essentially no flash or mold lines. The thinner metal of the sword and javelins was bent, but easily corrected with a bit of gentle pressure.

Here he is shown with my tester figures for this set of reviews "Franz" and "Jean", which are an Empire handgunner from the 6th Edition boxed set, and a 5th Edition Bretonnian Man-At-Arms with Spear Champion, both from Games Workshop.

The other figures that I got were equally well cast, and I would certainly buy from  RBG again.


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm trying to find the Nannulf figure from Red Box for one of my Descent players (we proxy all the characters with Red Box figures and he is playing a Skirmisher), but have been unsuccessful. If you still have this figure and are willing to part with it, I'd happily buy it for more than you paid. You can email me at zombiesincorporated (@t) hotmail (dot) com.

BTW, I started gaming at the LGS in Sacramento (moved away around 2008), WHFB, Confrontation, and Infinity. I played at Great Escape frequently, before they moved their hidden location. Perhaps we crossed paths back then. Take care, MJ.

Lasgunpacker said...

Michael, sent an email.