Friday, May 27, 2011

More on Citadel "Finecast"

A few reviews have started to sneak out for the new Citadel "Finecast" figures, which as a refresher, are new plastic-resin castings of the old metal figures from Games Workshop.  No figures are supposed to be released until tomorrow, 5/28/11, so getting a review out ahead of time is pretty surprising.

The new figures are now packed in a larger clam shell blister, with a color picture of the figure in front. All the bits are now on a sprue, which I assume was intended to cut down on "pulling" costs and also helps to keep the figure squared in the box.

This review, on Dakka Dakka, points out some of the flaws and benefits of the new material, specifically that it is indeed light, takes superglue well, and has sharp detailing.  Unfortunately the cast quality seems to be poor, with some serious damage to some of the (optional) parts.

This review states that the figures are pretty much the same in terms of quality as they were in metal... just with a higher price.

Another in German

Not very excited about this change, and still disappointed in the price increase.  Hopefully I will be able to check some figures out in person at the FLGS, and see for myself.

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