Monday, March 14, 2011

Ogre 6th edition

No, not the kind with a club and dim wits.

The kind that is a massive robotic death machine.  Originally released in 1977 as a microgame, Ogre has been popular for a while.  It features one of the aforementioned massive robotic death machines fighting against a whole army of weaker squishy regular tanks and their support elements.  I became aware of the game because there is a 6mm miniatures version, with several interesting units that I have some vague idea of eventually incorporating in my games.

Now, Steve Jackson Games is going to release a 6th edition of the game, with many of the expansions included, constructable standup buildings and Ogres, and anticipated retail price of $100.

Below is a picture I snipped from the PDF, showing the constructable Ogres.  Each of those hexes is 1.5 inches, so these suckers are big! [it also looks like someone has seen the WizKids Star Wars Game]  Also seems to have some pretty classic map graphics.

here is a link to a retailer PDF.  Anyway, pretty excited about this, although I am sure it would have been better if it had miniatures... not sure how that would have fit in the box though, if it really has as many units as indicated.


ZeroTwentythree said...

I've previously played in smaller scales, or with cardboard counters, and in primitive digital format too.

I think I would love it except at that sort of a price tag, for a 35 year old game, I would expect more than just a cardboard. For $100 I would really like to see some paintable plastic.

Because at that price point they are excluding "casual" gamers, but they are also discouraging more dedicated gamers who might pay that sort for price for a greater value (which this does not seemingly provide.)

Lasgunpacker said...

I think part of the problem is that it is more expensive to print chits than it used to be.

If this were a cheaper game, I would jump on it, but $100... I will have to see what all it contains. It does sound like it has nearly all of the expansions, so that does help a bit.