Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battletech 25th Anniversary

I have been interested in Battletech for a long time, before MechWarrior, before the clicky figures, before I got some figures for Dirtside II.  I am not even sure how I heard about the game in the first place, but it must have been in some game store I visited, or online or something.  A freind of mine had some of the RPG books and novels, so it may have been from that. [that would have been in 1996 or so]

Anyway, with the re-release of the boxed game, and the Total Warfare hardbound rulebook, my interest hit the level that I put them on my Amazon list. [which is absurdly long and comprehensive].  I thought that at some point, I would buy the boxed set, see how I liked playing with the 'mechs in the box, buy a few more units and have a little side game with my Dirtside stuff, and that would be it.  I read the basic rules online, I looked over camospecs [ok, looked at everything on camospecs], I got a little more interested. Then the box went out of print.

Now, finally, the 25th Anniversary boxed set is close to release.  Only two years late!

Maybe this time I should get it, instead of wishlisting it forever.


Tony said...

I have just seen your header photo - painting while holding the baby, quite an achievement.

On a similar point - when I was studying for my Diploma, I used to read the text books to my son and daughter to put them to sleep. It worked every time.


Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Tony!

He does not sleep well unless he is held, so sometimes we just do whatever we were planning to do and hold him while we do it.

Reading text books as a sleep aid certainly works for some people. My college room mate would always fall asleep one page into his econ text book.