Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Steel Legion Closeups

Have not had much time for hobby stuff lately, with a sick kid, spring yard work, and other activities soaking up my free time.  However, over a month ago, I took a few pictures with my wife's DSLR of the Steel Legion army.  I did not get out the tripod or fuss enough with the settings, so not the best pictures, but they certainly give you a closer view of the figures, and since these are from a DSLR, you can click on them to get REALLY close if you want.

UPDATE: new Photos. (well, same ones, new location)

Steel Legion Flame Thrower
Two flamers and a grenade thrower

Medic and Anti-Tank specialist (with a LAW)

Converted Stromtrooper Sergeant

Fixed position heavy bolter

Steel Legion Autocannon
Steel Legion Auto cannon, converted from a lascannon team, metal autocannon, and two magazines from 90s era Ork bolters

Monday, March 20, 2017

Animal-man characteristics

Created for Noism's post about the "Bloke in a Costume problem".
Animal originMotivationSocietySocietal QuirkInhumanityPrototypical Adventuring Class
Bower BirdAvarice/ShowmanshipSolitary ClustersPerpetual changeProsopagnosiaBard
ChickadeeGluttony/curiosityMassIndividual expendabilityConstant MotionThief
HippoStability/CaretakerFamilialViolent MatriarchyTriggered RageBarbarian
MoleComfort/WealthSolitary ClustersGracious MurderersFeeding frenzyAssassin
RatSecrecy/propagationFamilialVicious CowardnessDuck and CoverThief
SeagullGluttony/CowardiceMassDemocratic Tyrany Shrill ArgumentThief
RavenKnowledge/ControlPairsConstant contactSilenceMage
SnakeTorpor/buildingSingleSun worship/hateNarcissismAssassin

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Remembering Cadia

Some of the chaps about the blogging world are taking the opportunity to "Remember Cadia", which as you may be aware was recently destroyed by Chaos. (or will be in the far dark future that is Warhammer 40k)

I happened to have an unfinished Cadian infantry squad myself, which I had originally bought with the idea of making it an armored fist squad in my Imperial Guard army. (armored fist squads were mounted in Chimera AFVs, and purchased separately from the regular platoons in the codex of the era)

Unusually for the time period, I actually painted the figures about 90% of the way complete, needing only some ink, highlights, and of course basing.  I believe that I painted these about 14 years ago, and they have actually been used in a game (pulverized by an assault squad of Space Marines).

Starting status
As you can see most of the base colors have been completed, and while it may be hard to make out in this shot, the figures even have painted eyes, something I gave up about the same time as these were last worked on.

Fast forward through a couple of paint sessions, and here we are.

Now just awaiting some suitable weather for a matte coat, some grass tufts/flock, and good to go.